4 Things to Do with Your Custom Made Wedding Gown After Use

Weddings are special life memories. For most people, they only get to have a wedding once, so it is acceptable to make a big deal out of it. One way of ensuring this is to get yourself a gorgeous custom made wedding gown that will make you the princess of the day. But some time has passed and you are wondering what to do with the dress? Below are some ideas that will hopefully assist you in deciding the fate of the gown.

Preserve It

Because custom made wedding gowns carry with them a lot of memories and sentiments, most people choose to preserve them. Preservation simply means treating and storing the gown in a way that no damage comes to it. One way of doing this is by casing and framing it as you would a photo or painting. The dress can be sprayed with preservative chemicals that prevent any tearing. You can then place it in a special room or in the hallway as just another painting where you will be reminded of your special day whenever you look at it.

Turn it into an Heirloom

Passing the gown down as an heirloom is also a form of preservation. Just like lockets and engagement rings are passed down from one generation to the next, you can also start the tradition with your custom made wedding gown. That way, even if it will no longer be in your possession, it will still remain in the family and you will be assured of its total care.

Transform it

If you do not fancy the idea of your custom made wedding gown spending its whole life on the wall, you have the option of transforming it. This can be done in two ways. First, you can change it into an evening gown or a cocktail dress. Just get in touch with the tailor that made it for you and place in your request. Together you can come up with a dress that you can be wearing at least thrice a year.

The other option would be to hand it down to your daughter as and let her transform it into either a prom dress or a cocktail gown. The dress will be put into good use and you will still get to see it every day.

Sell or donate it

Last and hardest option is by giving the dress away. You can either sell it or give it out as a gift to a friend or anonymously. This option however requires a lot of emotional strength and commitment.

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Weddings are special life memories. For most people, they only get to have a wedding once, so it is acceptable to make a big deal out of it. One way o